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My name is Sharon Collier and I am the owner of Hands On Horse Massage, located in the Central Valley of California. We provide equine massage services to ensure your horse is able to move and work in the greatest amount of comfort and balance possible.

I've had a love for all animals, but especially horses, for all my life. I've been around horses and have been riding since I was a baby. It's always been my goal and dream to have a career associated with horses. In addition to this service, I've worked as a veterinarian’s assistant for more than ten years. I truly love this "work". What else could one ask for than to have the ability to work with animals all day long?

When I decided I wanted to do more work specifically with horses, I was led to equine massage. I started doing some research and right away I just knew that this was what I wanted to do. My desire was to be able to provide horses with pain relief and to help them generally feel good overall.

Please feel free to read more and contact me should you feel the need to utilize my services or have any questions. Again, thanks for visiting.

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