Fig Garden Press, an affiliate of Fig Garden Yoga Studio, evolved organically in response to the high level of stress we observed in our student population as well as the community at large. We were also concerned about the relationship between stress and the rising incidences of chronic illnesses in our society.

We began offering wellness classes and workshops in 2002. These ranged from Stress Reduction courses for prevention, to classes that address the effects of chronic stress such as Back Care, Overcoming Insomnia, Yoga for Depression, Breathe Better, and Therapeutic Deep Relaxation.


We soon realized that it would be beneficial for students to have tools and references they can use at home. We also wanted to reach a larger audience. “Yoga Nidra: Therapeutic Deep Relaxation” was produced in 2007, “Quiet Mind, Healthy Body: The Art of Low Stress Living” in 2008, and other tools are in various stages of planning and production.

For wellness classes, please visit
We offer these classes in rotation at the studio, and we are also happy to bring them offsite to interested organizations.