Heaven on Earth

Incredibly delicate, light and fluffy angel food cake with a  heavenly whipped cream frosting; it's like biting into a cloud!
Topped with fresh strawberries & blueberries.

Lemon Surprise

Bright and sunny flavors unite in this perfect combination of zesty lemon cake with a surprise raspberry filling, and a citrus scented cream cheese frosting. Sweet, tangy, vibrant flavors.

Red Velvet

Bold red color married to a light chocolate cake creates this delectable cake. Rich vanilla bean cream cheese frosting brings
the meaning of true indulgence.

Classic Carrot Cake

Fresh carrots and pineapple, with delicate hints of coconut give this super moist old fashioned carrot cake a modern twist.
Our white chocolate coconut cream cheese frosting
is the perfect addition to this scrumptious creation.


Strawberry Creme

Fresh and bold strawberry cake with a lush and creamy strawberry cream cheese frosting. Fresh strawberries throughout make these a refreshing summer favorite.

Black & White

This sophisticated and delicious classic white cake is topped with
one half vanilla buttercream and one half rich dark chocolate buttercream. The elegant simplicity makes these a perfect choice for any occasion. Can be topped with chocolate dipped strawberries
(dark or white chocolate) for an additional charge.

Golden Butter Classic

A traditional moist golden yellow cake , like Mom used to make.
Your choice of either creamy chocolate buttercream or our rich vanilla buttercream complete this old time favorite.

Chocolate Mousse

One big ooey gooey bit of chocolate goodness. Scrumptious chocolate cake with a velvety light chocolate filling and topped in a smooth silky whipped chocolate creme. Divine temptation!

Chocolate Indulgence

Deep decodent chocolate everywhere you bite! Rich dreamy chocolate cake, infused with lots of mini chocolate chips and finished with a deep chocolate syrup frosting. Go ahead... indulge!

Mom's German Chocolate

Homemade goodness is what this cake is all about.
German chocolate cake lightly iced with chocolate buttercream and
topped with a generous dollop of classic german chocolate cake frosting. Reminds you of your childhood.

Coconut Supreme

Dense rich and buttery flavors. The addition of toasted coconut and walnuts adds up to an irrisistable creation. Top it off with a coconut tinted vanilla bean cream cheese frosting... you just can't resist!

New and unique cupcakes
are being added on a regular basis.
Check back periodically for the latest creations.